Lady Whiskerton's

Society Papers
Welcome, Dearest reader, to the wonderful world of British Shorthair cats. We are the Whiskerton’s, and our family is comprised of beautiful TICA registered British Shorthair Dukes and Duchesses. We specialize in breeding exquisite Black Golden chinchilla, Blue Golden chinchilla, Silver Shaded, and most of all, rare Chocolate Golden chinchilla cats with blue or green eyes. All of our cats descend from the Best European Champion bloodlines and have all the qualities needed to produce truly astounding offspring. They are genetically tested and free of common genetic diseases.

We are located near the Seattle, WA area where we enjoy life with our cats, and can deliver and ship our kittens all throughout the USA. Our cats love and trust their humans as we never crate them. Our cats live side by side with us and get a lot of attention daily. They are part of our family, and they only get the best of everything! All pets receive affection and human interaction, so you get your beautiful and adorable diamond with exceptional manners.

Yours truly,
Lady Whiskerton