Lady Whiskerton's

Can I reserve a kitten?
You can place a $500 deposit to reserve a kitten under your name. This reservation fee is a non-refundable deposit and will be a part of your final purchase price. We accept Zelle, Venmo, and PayPal. If you pay with PayPal system, please, include 4-5% of PayPal fee. As soon as your deposit is received, the kitten is reserved!

What is the price of a kitten?
The price of a kitten is dependent on color, pet/show class type, shorthair or longhair of a purebreds. Prices start from $3,400 - $4,200. Please contact us for more details!

What is a pet kitten?
A pet kitten is a kitten that is sold without breeding rights.

Do kittens come with vaccinations?
We will give two sets of immunization shots for the kittens. Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus and Chlamydia. Deworming and vet records will be included.

What Color do you breed?
We currently specialize in breeding Black Golden, Chocolate Golden, Blue Golden, and Silver British shorthairs.

Do we photoshop our cats?
The only photo editing that we do is color correction for lighting. We do not edit any physical features that would mislead you when selecting kittens from the litter (e.g. eye color, ears, facial features, etc.).

Do you provide a contract?
Yes, we provide a detailed contract outlining all the information that you need to adopt a kitten from us. The contract must be agreed upon and signed by both parties. A contract will be initiated when the deposit is received.

Can I visit the cattery?
All of our cats live with us in our home, so we do not allow visiting for privacy and security reasons. We are more than happy to send you pictures/videos of the cats and kittens. We also post regularly on Instagram, so you can enjoy every silly kitten moment.

What if I am allergic to cats?
Before adopting a kitten, please ensure that everybody in your household is not allergic to cats. If you are unsure, please visit your doctor’s office to get yourself and anyone who will reside with the cat allergy tested. Please note that we do not allow any of our kittens to homes that know they are allergic to kittens.

All Whiskerton kittens are required to be spayed/neutered by the owner. Once we receive a Veternarian's verification that they are spayed/neutered, we will then provide you with TICA registration papers.

Do you sell with breeding rights?
We currently DO NOT sell with breeding rights.

How to get ready for your new kitten?
Upon picking up your kitten, you will also receive a kitten starter kit.

Our thoughts on declawing?
Here at Whiskerton Cattery we are completely against declawing. We do not declaw our cats nor do we allow cats that leave our cattery to be declawed as per mentioned in the contract.

We offer free delivery services right to your home if you reside within King County. We charge extra fees for delivering outside of the King County area. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us!